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The haaka breastpump; what it is and how to use it

The haaka breastpump; what it is and how to use it

This is a Haaka breastpump. It is a manual pump made of food or medical grade silicone that suctions onto your breast to collect milk. My Haaka one of the best products I bought in preparation of my new arrival! I first heard of the Haaka when it started to become popular in my facebook ‘mom groups’. Women were posting regularly about how much milk they were collecting and saving with this simple and affordable pump.

How it works

The Haaka is super simple and easy to use. It attaches to the breast with suction alone. There are two different ways to get the pump onto your breast. The first method is the most commonly known. To attach the pump you place the cup around the nipple, centered on your nipple and areola, and squeeze the sides of the ‘catch’ and let the suction hold the pump on. This method however doesn’t work for me. Because I am large chested, when I try this method the pump will only hold suction for a moment before falling off. The method I find works best is to fold back the top cup and place your nipple inside of the ‘oval opening’. Then, holding it in place, unfold the top cup over your breast and it should be holding comfortably in place. NOTE; this second method is also better for the early weeks because it requires less suction to use. What does that mean? The pump will catch all the excess letdown that you have while you are engorged, without encouraging extra production of milk.

The Haaka pump is designed to catch letdown. But you can also use it as a pump. While the Haaka is attached, give it a little extra squeeze to increase the pressure of the suction and draw out more milk. Or use a hot compress and massage your breasts while wearing the Haaka to increase the milk you can collect. It is recommended not to do this during the first 6 weeks while you establish your milk supply. It can cause prolonged engorgement which could lead to clogged ducts and mastitis! 

Why I love it

1. It’s affordable

When compared to electric breast pumps, which can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars for the better models, the Haaka has a very comfortable price point around the 20-30 dollar range. 

2. It’s quiet and convenient

Unlike electric pumps, the Haaka is silent, which is a great relief when you have a light sleeper. It is also much easier to clean a Haaka than a pump. The Haaka is one piece, whereas electric pumps have many small parts and pieces. So it’s saving you both effort and time. The Haaka also saves you time by sparing you from sitting down for a pumping session. You simply attach it to your opposite breast while you are feeding your baby. In the first two weeks I would catch 4 oz of milk just from letdown at every feeding. Now that my milk has regulated itself I catch 1.5-2 oz every feeding, which is still plenty for building up a freezer stash of milk. 

3. It’s portable

Whether you breastfeed, or pump and bottle feed, there will come a time where you are out somewhere and need to pump some milk. For me it was the first night out with my friends. Charlie was home with Grandma, drinking the freezer stashed milk I had saved over the first few weeks of her life, but after a few hours out, my breasts were full and swollen and I needed relief. A Haaka is small and compact and fits easily in my purse. 5-10 minutes in the bathroom, and PHEW, relief. 

Have you used a Haaka breastpump? What was your experience with it? Leave a comment below and let me know why you loved your Haaka! Click ‘like’ on our facebook page below to see our latest posts!

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